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Building on 28 years of driving results for incredible brands, FUSION (formerly J. Williams Agency and Fusion Event Staffing) is proud to step into our next season with a bold new look! The new branding serves as a visual mark of our agility, creativity and our commitment to ensuring clients OWN THE ROOM wherever their brand is interacting live with customers.  

“This unified message is just the beginning of many new innovations that will catapult FUSION into an even stronger position as an industry leader in experiential marketing!” Jane Gentry, CEO.

FUSION’s bold look represents our position as a thought leader in the experiential marketing industry, uniquely positioning our clients to not just be present in a space, but to dominate that space over their competition. This is particularly important as brands come back from a quiet event season.

“We encourage our clients and brands who want to set themselves up well to take advantage of FUSION’s forward-thinking partnerships so they can come back stronger than ever,” remarked Jane, “FUSION offers its clients a unique opportunity to access deep customer insights as well as leading-edge technology to manage their events before, during and after execution. These tools offer our clients a huge advantage over their competition.”

As FUSION positions itself for the future, its bold branding reflects the power it brings and the bold statement it makes as a company on behalf of our clients, talent, and employees to OWN THE ROOM.